Strawberry sorbet from Milse

strawberry sorbet

I’ve told you about Britomart dessert restaurant Milse before; let’s recap: fancy mandarin dessert, intriguing beetroot dessert, delicious bars of dark chocolate.

Here’s something else that they can feed you: sorbet on a stick. The frozen delicacy I had yesterday was fresh strawberry sorbet, with a vein of pistachio running through it, enrobed in a delicate layer of dark chocolate. It was a perfect summer treat.

There’s usually something vegan-friendly in Milse’s freezer cabinet – you need to ask, as treats aren’t labelled and flavours change regularly.


Milse is at 31 Tyler Street, Britomart. It’s open every day: Sunday-Wednesday 10am-11pm, and Thursday-Saturday 10am-midnight.

3 thoughts on “Strawberry sorbet from Milse

  1. You are right about asking. I went over a year ago to buy vegan chocs and they couldn’t recommend any of their food to be vegan. Dairy free maybe but not vegan. So I havent been back since.

  2. i was also in the city yesterday! swung by revel, the cruelty free shop and giapo. strange to think i might have walked past you unknowingly!

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