Ephemeral laksa: Miss Changy

vegan laksa!

Popup eatery Miss Changy made an appearance at the Elam Grad Show 2014, and here’s what she made me: a big bowl of Sarawak-style laksa – rice noodles, tofu, bean spouts and coriander in a spicy, fragrant broth.

It was really special – I could have eaten another bowl of this right away, and kind of regret not doing so as I don’t know when it might appear next.


water & peanuts

Miss Changy has hosted a few small-scale popup events around central Auckland over the last year – this was the second time her laksa had made a public appearance. Through the project, Ruby Chang-Jet 嫦潔 White is “taking baby steps towards my dreams of feeding people things from my family kitchen. I’m aiming to reinvent the “Chinese” menu, all too common and generic within many Western countries.”

She’s a fine arts student, and as well as making delicious Chinese-Malaysian food, she makes beautiful environments to eat in: hand-carved chopsticks, handmade ceramic bowls and cups, and minimalist dining furniture.


art laksa

If you want a bowl of this laksa, or whatever vegan-optional thing she might make next, you can follow Miss Changy on Facebook and Instagram to see what she’s been cooking at home and hear about future events, or you can you can email her to go on a mailing list.

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