Another dessert: cashew frozen yoghurt

Cashew frozen yoghurt

We’re a bit spoiled in the frozen dessert department these days, with Little Island (a.k.a. Nice Cream) and Kohu Road stocked all over town, and dessert destinations Giapo & Milse constantly outdoing each other with their artisanal vegan offerings.

Here’s another freezer treat that’s newer to Auckland: frozen cashew yoghurt, from botanical cuisine. Packed in a paper cup in flat white-sized portions, bc’s frozen yoghurt is available in three flavours: classic vanilla, raspberry, and coffee xocolatl, flavoured with cold drip coffee and cacao beans. It’s available from The Cruelty Free Shop in St Kevin’s Arcade on K Road.

I tried a cup of coffee xocolatl yoghurt yesterday – it’s smooth, subtly flavoured and quite special.

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