Cherry chocolate icecream from CO YO

Cherry choc icecream

If your freezer’s not already full of Little Island coconut icecream, Nice Blocks, Kohu Road sorbet, Smoozes, bc frozen cashew yoghurt & the various other vegan-friendly frozen desserts that are spoiling us for choice these days, here’s another:

Coconut icecream from Australian company CO YO, better known for its coconut yoghurt. I’ve only tried one flavour so far, but I keep buying it as it’s quite special: Cherry Choc. It’s not especially chocolatey (benefitting from the addition of extra cacao nibs or chopped dark chocolate on top), but it’s beautifully creamy, full of cherry flavour and studded with whole frozen fruit.

Other flavours I haven’t tried yet include Acai Berry & Blueberry, Cacao, Mango & Lime, Pina Colada, Tamarind & Sticky Date, and Vanilla & Nutmeg.


Cherry Choc

Places that stock CO YO products in Auckland (but might not specifically have this icecream) include:

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