Summer treats: Kapiti whipped sorbet

Blood orange & cranberry sorbet.

Here is a new vegan thing you can find at supermarkets and dairies across the city: two of the three new flavours of Kapiti whipped sorbet.

These are quite special: the sorbet is light, creamy and smooth. The blood orange & cranberry, and peach & melon sorbet sticks are vegan, while the pear & feijoa one isn’t.

11 thoughts on “Summer treats: Kapiti whipped sorbet

    1. Unsure if they’ve changed the recipe but i swore the feijoa and pear were vegan too when i tried them a couple months back!

    2. We just checked a box of pear and fejoia and it says dairy free on the front. I couldn’t see anything in the ingredients to suggest otherwise.

  1. I tried one a couple of months ago too, and checked the ingredients first – it looked vegan. But apparently (according to people in the Auckland Vegans Facebook group) it contains gelatine.

    Here is a place where Kapiti seems to be confirming the pear/feijoa ones are not vegan:

    1. Gah. Still, at least that means my reading comprehension isn’t at fault; unlabelled gelatine is not something I can be expected to know about… 🙂 Although that surely means we have to suspect all supposedly vegan Kapiti products in future, unless they are labelled as such.

      1. Not sure why they’re allowed to not list gelatine in the ingredients – maybe there are rules about not having to include things when there’s only a v small amount. Good that they’ve confirmed the other two flavours are vegan – but yes, I’d be double checking future products before eating.

  2. And here they say: “you’re in luck the Blood Orange & Cranberry and Peach & Melon are vegan. The Feijoa and Pear currently contain gelatine in the juice but we’re currently looking into other plant based options for the future.”

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