Coconut soft serve from Minty B Ice Creamery

Vegan cost serve

The last couple of years have seen a burst of growth in vegan market stalls, popups and street food options around the city. Another one to know about is Minty B Ice Creamery, a vendor of soft-serve icecream and sorbet, which is all gluten free as well as vegan.

I tried Minty B’s soft serve for the first time today: a cup of creamy vanilla coconut soft serve, swirled with black doris plum sorbet. It was lovely, and I’m excited to track them down again for Pineapple & Mango Sorbet, salted caramel popcorn sauce or whatever they make next.


Minty B Icecreamery

Minty B is served from a restored mint-green 1970’s caravan. It’s often parked at 1 Queen Street in the CBD, but I found it outside Little Bird in Kingsland. Keep an eye on their Facebook or Instagram pages to find out where the caravan will be next, or to hire it for your own event.


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