The other New Zealand MoFos

It’s more than half way through Vegan MoFo, and I’m just now getting round to looking at the other New Zealand blogs that are part of MoFo this year. Last year, Vegan MoFo was how I started reading plant life. This year, I’m one of four local participants. The others are:

Animal Rights and Peas – a new blog from Pip Adam, who’s based in Wellington, writes short stories and raises a vegan child. She has a lot to say about shoes and cheese and all sorts of things, but the fact I am most excited to learn from Pip’s blog is that chocolate crackles are vegan! How did I miss this until now? I know what I’m bringing to the next birthday party I’m invited to.

I eat plants started just before MoFo, and mostly shares tasty-looking things made from vegan recipe books. She’s acquired American Vegan Kitchen and Vegan Diner during the month, so a lot of recent recipes are from those two books, and all look great (Fried Corn Salad! Two kinds of donuts! Jambalaya!)

reg-the-veg is another new-for-MoFo blog by a ‘cheap vegan student’ in Dunedin (who’s also a zombie who wants to eat your grains). Most of the posts have been cheap but delicious-looking recipes. I’m interested in trying grilled avocado for breakfast some time.