Satya South Indian Restaurant

satya on great north road

Satya is a family of three South Indian restaurants in K Road, Arch Hill and Sandringham.

I had lunch with G at the Arch Hill Satya yesterday – it’s at 17 Great North Road, just around the corner from Ponsonby Road. It’s open for lunch (11.30 to 2.30) and dinner (5.30 to 10) from Monday to Saturday. It was deserted yesterday apart from us – apparently it’s usually full for dinner but is not so well known as a lunch venue.

Satya serves all kinds of meats, but is very vegan-friendly. There’s a “vegan and vegetarian” section on the menu, and vegan options are labelled as such. They use sunflower oil rather than ghee, so there’s not dairy in unexpected places.

Lunch yesterday was tofu curry and a glass of shiraz, both excellent.