Dumplings from New Flavour

dumpling picnic

A reader asked:

was just wondering if you’ve been to new flavour at Mt Eden…do you know if their dumplings are vegan?

Dear reader: yes! Dominion Road’s much-beloved Sichuan eatery New Flavour makes an extensive range of dumplings, of which one variety is vegan.

Their menu also includes a good range of other vegan options; Auckland Vegan HQ has detailed tips on what to order and how to eat dumplings correctly.



You can also get food to take away: Erin brought these home the other day (minimum order: 20 dumplings for $11) and we had a picnic in the backyard.


new flavour restaurant

New Flavour is at 541 Dominion Road in Balmoral.
It’s open every day except Tuesday, from 5pm to 3am.