A Britomart snack: corn chips at Mexico

corn chips and red salsa

A few friends had recommended Mexico at Britomart to me as a good place for a cocktail and some good Mexican food.

We were wandering past last weekend, so Erin and I stopped in to look at the menu, and stayed for a bite to eat. We chose the most obvious vegan thing on the menu: house corn chips with red salsa, but the waitress helpfully listed off a few other tasty-sounding vegetarian options that could be made without cheese. The cocktail menu also looked promising.

Our plate was a perfect afternoon snack – thin, crispy tortilla chips sprinkled with rough-ground salt, and a simple fresh salsa. I’m looking forward to visiting again to try something more substantial.

As well as the Britomart location, there’s now a second Mexico venue on the Shore: 4 The Strand (McKenzies), Takapuna.


Vegan Month of Food 2012