Packing up from the bake sale

first day

Today’s the last day of Blind Week, so this concludes the virtual bake sale series of posts. You can still donate online to support the work of the Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind until 5 November. I already mentioned that I work for the RNZFB, but I’m supporting Blind Week here, too, because I feel strongly about the cause. If I lost my sight tomorrow, I know I could count on the RNZFB to help me learn to read ingredients labels on food products, re-learn how to use a computer and keep blogging, and develop skills to keep baking my own cupcakes and finding my way to the liquor store up the street when I ran out of Frangelico. I know that the RNZFB makes this kind of difference to people’s lives every day, but so much depends on public fundraising. If you can spare a few dollars, please think about donating.

If you haven’t been following the bake sale this week, here’s what you missed:


Bake a difference

This post is part of my virtual vegan bake sale for Blind Week. Please give generously to make the world a better place for blind and partially sighted New Zealanders.