Little Bird at Britomart

Little Bird Britomart Unbakery

Not long ago, I wrote about Little Bird‘s crowdfunding campaign to open a third Unbakery at Britomart. The crowd was quite keen on this idea, it turned out – Little Bird raised more money than they asked for, the doors to their downtown location are now open, and lunchtime customers are flocking in.


Cake Graph

Little Bird Britomart is at 14 Customs Street, just around the corner from the train station. It’s open 7 days: Monday to Friday 6.30am-6.30pm, and 9am-5pm on weekends.

The new Unbakery is a small space – everything’s packaged to take away and there’s just one table where you might find a seat. But though it’s small, it has a full range of Little Bird deliciousness on offer: a cabinet full of ready-to-go meals, another cabinet full of cakes and sweet treats, and the fridge full of the new Squeezery range of cold pressed juices, nut milks and tonics.