A grocery store you should know about: Bulk Food Savings

bulk food savings

Vegans of Auckland, have you been to Bulk Food Savings in Mount Eden? You might not guess from its unassuming name, but it’s a vegan gold mine: one of the best places in town to find uncommon ingredients at reasonable prices.

Located at the city end of Dominion Road, Bulk Food Savings is not easily categorised – it’s a curious cross between a hippie health food store, a bargain bulk-foods place, a flash organic grocery and a little ethnic food market. Not everything’s organic, gluten free, fair trade or health-conscious, but all of these preferences & needs are well catered for.


shelves full of food

Vegans, too, are well accommodated: Bulk Food Savings stocks all kinds of animal-free supplies to fill your pantry.

Almost any basic ingredient can be found somewhere on its shelves, among an impressive range of beans, pulses, grains, flours, herbs & spices, dried fruit, nuts, liquid and dry sweeteners, oils, nutritional yeast, pickles, sauces, baking ingredients and specialty ingredients from a few different food traditions: Indian, Mexican, Japanese, Turkish, Italian and others.

There’s more than you might expect: the nut butter selection includes jars of German cashew cream, the shelf of non-dairy milks includes chocolate hazelnut milk alongside the usual soy and almond options. A fridge near the entrance is full of coconut yoghurt, kombucha, unusual juices.

Specifically vegan treats include Ceres snack bars (& this roasted nori snack I’ve been addicted to lately), Amazeballs (not all flavours are vegan – read the ingredients), Spacebar snack sausages, Angel Food products, and a small selection of chocolate including Rapunzel (not all vegan, but their Nirwana Noir is a long-standing favourite of mine).

Bulk Food Savings is also a great place to stock up on natural cleaning products: Wendyl’s, Dr Bronner’s, Ecover, various coconut oil-based beauty products.


bulk dried beans

Bulk Food Savings is at 217 Dominion Road – behind the main Dominion Road shops. The easiest way to find it is off Walters Road – it shares a carpark with the Wendy’s drive-through. There’s also a walkway by the bus stop opposite Vinyl.

It’s open every day: Monday-Saturday 9am-6pm, and Sundays 10am-4pm.

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