A summer treat

vegan berry trumpet

The SAFE shop in St. Kevin’s has recently started stocking vegan trumpet-style icecreams from the Castle Café. This one was berry; other flavours include carob fudge, peanut snickers and rockmelon.

They’re maybe the healthiest trumpets ever: made with organic soy beans, and sugar free as well as vegan – sweetened with agave nectar and rice syrup.

SAFE also has Castle icecream in non-trumpet form – little single-serve tubs and bigger containers.

The icecream’s maybe not as creamy as supermarket brands of soy icecream, but is delicious, and comes in all kinds of interesting flavours. I have a tub of passionfruit in my freezer at the moment, but am also pretty partial to carob fudge.

The trumpets are the perfect thing for eating in Myers Park on a summer day with a good book:

the end of the cone