Cheese pizza slices at Il Buco

vegan pizza slices at il buco

For months, I’d been hearing rumours that Il Buco was making a couple of new vegan slices with dairy-free cheese. I hadn’t been able to verify this – I’d visited a few times, but had seen only the usual (delicious!) selection of vegetable-based pizza. Then last Saturday, I was passing by in the early evening and stopped in for a snack – and two unfamiliar slices were on display.


diavola pizza

Diavola is a basic, tasty sausage pizza: tomato, chilli, vegan mozzarella and vegan salami. The Margherita is just tomato, fresh basil, and a generous covering of vegan mozzarella.

The new slices use Angel Food products: mozzarella-style Cheezly and chorizo Wheaty. Here’s a video interview that Angel Food made about Il Buco using their products: