A Kickstarter of interest: Baron Hasselhoff’s cookies

hazelnut & orange delicious

If you want more delicious vegan cookies in your life, here is a Kickstarter campaign you might want to support: Takaka-based Baron Hasselhoff’s cookies need sturdier packaging so they can be stocked in supermarkets across the country. Depending on your contribution towards the costs, you might be rewarded with bags of cookies, copies of the artwork being used on the new packaging, or just a thanks on the Baron’s website.

Go here: Kickstarter | “Baron Hasselhoff’s is ready to box up his beauties…”

The Baron makes a limited but brilliant range of packaged cookies that are all vegan, and are also gluten free. My favourite (pictured above) is the accurately named ‘Hazelnut & Orange Delicious’ (distinguishing characteristic: delicious). The other two options are spicy Mexican Chocolate Snickerdoodles, and Gingernut Deluxe.

If you can’t wait for the Kickstarter to end, or you’d like to sample before you support, you can find the Baron’s cookies locally at Commonsense Organics in Dominion Road, or East West Organics in New Lynn.

Edited to add: Win cookies! Baron Hasselhoff is giving away three bags of cookies to one lucky person. Just go and comment on this Facebook post, and tag a friend who you’d like to share cookies with. (edited again to add: the competition has now closed!)