SAFE treats

more vegan treats

Another good source of vegan treats, which I’ve mentioned in a couple of other posts, is the SAFE shop. Everything they stock is vegan-friendly, from staple foods like beans and grains, to all kinds of chocolate, to cosmetics, to shoes (from Vegan Wares in Melbourne and Black Spot). They also stock vegan-themed t-shirts and books. As well as treating yourself, shopping here supports SAFE‘s work against animal exploitation in New Zealand.

The SAFE shop is located in St Kevin’s Arcade on K Road, conveniently just across the street from the best vegan cupcakes in town. They’re open 7 days. Sometimes the hours listed on their website (Monday-Friday 10-5.30, Saturday 10-4pm, Sunday 11-4pm) are a little approximate, possibly because the shop is mostly staffed by volunteers. Go towards the middle of the day for best results.

You can also mailorder some of their range from the website.

Today, I bought:

  • Organic by Nature coconut cream. I’m keen to introduce more coconut into my cooking after reading Lagusta‘s enthusiasm for coconut oil and tasting the coconut cream chickpea curry that Kat made me the other night. I used coconut oil in the stirfry I made last night (yum) and picked up this can of coconut cream for experimental purposes. This coconut cream is grown in Sri Lanka; Organic by Nature is an Australian company. Ceres, a New Zealand organics distributer, sells Sri Lankan coconut cream as well. I’m interested to know whether there’s an organic option that’s produced a bit closer to home, so I might do some more reading on this.
  • Pure Essentials Fig Face Quench. This is a face moisturiser with SPF. I’m also enjoying a lip mousse of theirs I bought a little while ago, which is chocolate and coconut flavoured. The Pure Essentials website has some interesting thoughts about natural products – they do use some chemicals, but avoid the nasty ones, and use lots of fresh, natural ingredients. They try to minimise packaging waste, they don’t test on animals, and they donate some of their profits to WSPA and Greenpeace. There’s no mention of the v-word on their website, so I’m not sure if it’s specifically a vegetarian business, but I know that SAFE only stocks vegan-friendly products.
  • Pure Delights organic Thai Vege and Chickpea potato-top pie. These are made by a little Auckland-based company run by a guy who used to cook at Earth Seed in Glen Eden, formerly my local organic cafΓ© and grocer. SAFE sells them frozen for convenience eating.
  • Ecostore Laundry Liquid. Ecostore is all about sustainable, healthy products for cleaning your house and person. They use mostly plant and mineral ingredients (some milk and honey), and the ingredients listings are easy to understand, not a long list of mysterious chemicals. The laundry liquid derives its clean smell from certified organic eucalyptus oil, and not from sketchy chemicals that irritate my skin. Ecostore stuff is also available from a lot of supermarkets now, as well as organic/ health food shops and the Ecostore shop itself, next to New World College Hill. Some of these outlets let you refill the containers.
  • A peanut trumpet, not pictured as I ate it on the way home.