After-work drinks at The Lumsden

small vegan plates
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I met Erin for drinks & snacks at The Lumsden in Newmarket yesterday evening.

Their tapas menu (PDF) includes a few vegan things – we ate shoestring fries, “Firecracker Broccoli” cooked in sweet chilli with toasted almonds, and edamame. All were generously-portioned and tasty.

The Lumsden is on the corner of Khyber Pass and Broadway, on the edge of the newly-redeveloped Lumsden Green. It has a few tables outside which looked like they’d be nice for leisurely lunches, and a range of tables inside with a reasonably unobtrusive sports TV screen, for the after-work Newmarket crowd.

I didn’t have a camera on hand, so the video above was taken with my tiny ipod (thanks E). (Thanks also to Groupy for the cheap date!)