Vegan Treats at Colestown Chocolate

Vegan Treats Available at Colestown Chocolate in the 277 mall, Newmarket. #vegan #aucklandvegan #veganchocolate #chocolate

Walking through Newmarket’s 277 mall yesterday, I was stopped in my tracks by this: a small, unobtrusive sign boasting Vegan Treats Available, on the counter of a chocolate shop.

Colestown Chocolates is a local artisan producer that fashions truffles and chocolate bars from Belgian imported Callebaut chocolate. Among their range are a few vegan choices that are not only plain, vegan-by-default dark chocolate, but include a few flavours where the recipes have been changed to be vegan-friendly – for example replacing dairy ingredients with coconut oil.

The salesguy explained that there had been a vegan person working for the company at one point, who had helped them research ingredient alternatives and expand their range of animal-free offerings. (Thanks, that vegan!)


Cherry Liqueur truffles at Colestown Chocolate in 277, Newmarket. #vegan #veganchocolate #aucklandvegan

The guy behind the counter had a list of all the vegan-friendly flavours in the cabinet. It was worth asking, because some of these options were marked with a hand-written green V on their price sticker, while others weren’t.

I didn’t write down all the Vegan Treats Available, but they included Cherry Liqueur truffles, Peppermint Meltaway squares, and slabs of dark chocolate with Hokey Pokey or caramelised almonds.


Colestown in 277 has vegan chocolate options. #vegan #aucklandvegan #veganchocolate

Colestown‘s shop in the 277 mall is open 7 days: Mon-Wed 9-6, Thur-Fri 9-7, Sat 9-6 and Sun 10-5.

Their chocolates are also stocked at Farro Fresh and a few other places, and you can buy them online.