Haute vegan icecream at Giapo

fancy dessert

It’s been a while since I’ve written about Giapo; I thought it was worth sharing this outrageously fancy vegan icecream experience I had yesterday.

It started as a simple two-flavour cup, but was elevated to a delicious sculptural masterpiece. The two base flavours were Siamu Popo – Sāmoan coconut cream caramel icecream, and NZ Peanut Slab – dark chocolate peanut butter sorbet. The frozen mound was then rolled in whole peanuts, coated with a dark chocolate shell, and dusted with edible gold.

Needless to say, the whole thing tasted amazing, but I was impressed by the whole experience – generous offers of a sample cup while I waited for the creation to take shape, a glass of water to accompany the icecream, friendly & patient staff who explained their concepts and process to a never-ending line of customers.

Giapo has always been about experimentation and pushing boundaries around ingredients and processes. In recent times, this has taken the direction of “haute icecream”, bringing “what haute couture has done for fashion” to the world of frozen desserts. It’s been exciting to watch this evolution, and really nice that this commitment to icecream excellence has stayed inclusive of offering great vegan options.


vegan menu

Giapo is at 279 Queen Street, and is open every day, 12.30-10.30pm.