The tiniest gelato shop

Coconut gelato: avocado and french tarragon, topped with dark chocolate and chopped almonds

Recently I told you about finding amazing coconut gelato at the Japan Day market, from a Lalele Organic stall. Lalele had a store in Mairangi Bay over summer, and otherwise sold their organic frozen treats at Silo Park and various other markets.

Since then, there’s been an exciting development: Lalele has opened a permanent inner-city location, in Auckland’s smallest shop – a 4 square metre hole-in-the-wall opposite Aotea Square in Queen Street.

You can buy a full range of sorbet popolatos and gelato from the tiny store, and choose to have them drizzled with vegan-friendly dark chocolate, and dipped in almonds or coconut. (Most of Lalele’s flavours are vegan, but they do also make dairy-based gelato).


The World's Smallest Gelato Store has vegan options! @lalele_organic has amazing coconut gelato, sorbet on a stick, & dark chocolate topping sauce. The tiny shopfront is at 350 Queen Street, opposite Aotea Square. #vegan #aucklandvegan

The new Lalele Organic shop is at 350 Queen Street, opposite Aotea Square. It’s open every day, from 11am-10pm.