Vegan toffee pops at Love Organics

Love Organics

I was walking to the bus stop in Newmarket a while ago, and a shop sandwich board stopped me in my tracks. It seemed to be promising vegan toffee pops, as well as donuts, peppermint slice, peanut butter bites, and “options”.

The sign belonged to Love Organics, a new café and organic grocery, and it was telling the truth: a fridge inside was filled with raw vegan toffee pops, donuts, and slices.

The front half of Love Organics is a health food café and tea shop, that also sells scooped gelato. Behind the café area, rows of shelves are filled with various organic groceries. I chose a toffee pop to take away, and a couple of packaged snacks from the grocery aisles.


Vegan toffee pop

The toffee pop tasted healthy – it was coated with dark chocolate and topped with freeze-dried berries, and its toffee layer gained its softness and sweet flavour from dates rather than caramel. So it wasn’t exactly a replica of the supermarket biscuit, but was a satisfying treat.

(In researching this post, I wondered: has anyone ever created a replica-style junk food vegan toffee pop? Google suggests vegans have tried to replicate the combination of crunchy base, gooey caramel and chocolate coating, but I can’t find any suggestion online that any have succeeded.)

Love Organics’ toffee pops and donuts are made by The Nourishing Baker, which started making a range of vegan treats and cakes in 2015. Their treats are also available from BaristaCats Café in Queen Street, NADU in Newmarket, and Mimosa in Takapuna.

Love Organics is at 296 Broadway, Newmarket. It’s open 7 days, from 7am-7pm.