Two freezer snacks

The ready-made frozen snack section of the supermarket isn’t always the friendliest place for vegans – all those pies and pizzas and fish fingers – but I’ve spotted a couple of good vegan options recently.

so easy



‘So Easy’ vegetarian dumplings by Leanne’s Kitchen really are quite easy. They take about five minutes to pan-fry from frozen, or you can boil, microwave, deep-fry or oven bake them. Jo recommends dumpling noodle soup. Just plain fried with Sriracha sauce and tamari, they were delicious.


vegetarian curry puffs

curry puffs

Vegetarian Curry Puffs by Surti Indian Samosa are equally easily prepared – you just heat them in the oven. The filling includes coconut, so is a little different than most of the potato-pea-and-curry combinations more often found in samosas. Surti’s website lists another couple of flavours of vegetarian samosa that are also vegan.


Both companies are Auckland-based, and I found both of these products at supermarkets – the dumplings at New World College Hill & the curry puffs at Countdown 277.