Supermarket finds

vegan treats

New World on College Hill is a good place for grocery shopping if you’re in the mood for vegan treats. Here are some things I found today:

  • Patak’s ready-puffed pappadums in a bag (in the chip section). These are great – the only problem is that you have to eat the whole bag once you open it, so they’re really a more-than-one-person treat.
  • FruBay dairy-free fruit dessert. This is a bit like icecream in texture, but light and fruity rather than creamy. I had “banilla” (banana and vanilla), which was delicious. The supermarket also had mango flavour. The FruBay went well with the strawberry and cardamom cake I baked this afternoon:
    strawberry and cardamom cake
  • Organic blueberries. Yum. Also strawberries and nectarines (not pictured).
  • Cathedral Cove macadamia lemon kelp sprinkle, for coating cooked food or sprinkling over salads and such.
  • Organic red quinoa. My sister made quinoa salad for Christmas lunch and I’m keen to start cooking it more often – it’s a good protein source, friendly for gluten-free friends, tasty, and easily cooked.

College Hill New World has previously yielded such vegan treats as dairy-free chocolate spread (in the style of Nutella, except without hazelnuts), spicy roasted chickpeas, and all manner of dried fruit. Lots of these things are probably available from other supermarkets, but New World has a really good range of organic, natural and fancy foods. It’s also right on the Link bus route, and really close to Ecostore, so is handy for refilling your bottles of environmentally-friendly dishwashing liquid and such.