Vegan things I have eaten at Mexico

dinner conversation

As a news story, this blog post is well overdue. Mexico has been serving its vegan-friendly take on Mexican-inspired food since 2012, and I’ve been eating there almost as long. So, this is not a news story, but a big list of various things that Mexico has fed me at different times, and a recommendation to try it some time, if you haven’t.

Mexico’s menu changes every three months to make the most of fresh, seasonal ingredients. There are usually a couple of things on each menu that are vegan by default (listed on their website and in a chart on the wall), as well as a few vegetarian options that can be prepared vegan.


crispy chickpea taco

The menu always includes a vegetarian option on its list of soft-shell tacos, which can almost always be made vegan. Tacos I’ve eaten include:

& various others I didn’t take pictures of.


corn chips & salsa

Other things I’ve eaten at Mexico over the last couple of years include:

and various other delicious snacks & margaritas.


candle in a glass

Mexico has four locations in Auckland: at Britomart, and in Takapuna, Ponsonby and Ellerslie. All four are open seven days, noon until late.