More on brunch at Queenie’s

lemon button mushrooms & avocado

I’ve raved about Queenie’s Lunchroom before – I’ve had nothing but great eating experiences there, though they’ve never had anything specifically vegan on the menu.

The last thing I wrote about was kosheri, & a couple of people commented to say it wasn’t vegan, as the onions were pre-cooked in butter. When I first ordered it months ago, I had been told that it was vegan, so I’m not sure if the recipe had been changed, if it was being specially prepared for me or if I was given the wrong information; sincere apologies if my post gave anyone the wrong information, and thanks Lauren & Al for the correction.

I didn’t ask about this today, though, as the breakfast menu has changed again and the kosheri no longer features. What’s back is the brown rice porridge I wrote about last year – cooked with soy milk (though it’s worth double-checking to make sure) and now served with a rhubarb compote.

Today, instead, I had a couple of sides: lemon button mushrooms (cooked without butter) and avocado.


Vegan Month of Food 2012