Evolution of the Vegan Revellers

vegan revellers

Someone on Twitter said that the Vegan Revellers was “the best cooked breakfast [they]’ve had in Auckland,” and I thought, I wonder what the Vegan Revellers is, these days?

Revel‘s self-titled vegan big breakfast has been on the menu for a few years now, but over that time there’s been a gradual shift in what arrives on your table when you order it.

So I went yesterday, and can report that the Vegan Revellers is currently: a stack of lightly-battered soft tofu with grilled tomatoes and capsicum, on a pile of slightly crispy slow-cooked potato wedges. There are sesame seeds and green onions; there’s no toast or gluten. It’s not as huge as it’s sometimes been, but it’s substantial and tasty.

Previous versions of the Vegan Revellers have included:

the new vegan revellers  vegan revellers