Brown rice porridge at Queenie’s

brown rice porridge

I wrote about Queenie’s Lunchroom a while ago – I’d visited for brunch, loved the coffee, and found it unexpectedly vegan-friendly, though there was nothing specifically vegan on the menu. I’ve been back a couple of times since.

This morning, we visited and noticed that the menu had changed. I asked about brown rice porridge with tahini and apple compote, and was told that it was made with soymilk (though I didn’t quite catch whether it’s vegan by default or whether they were modifying it specially for me – best to check before ordering).

Porridgey in appearance, its taste is more like a savoury rice pudding. The tahini adds complexity to the flavour and tones down the sweetness, while the apple compote is deliciously sour. It’s a perfect winter breakfast, and I look forward to having it again.