Garden Korma from Shahi Cafe

garden korma

It’s been a while since I’ve eaten at Shahi Cafe – their Ponsonby restaurant was a favourite about ten years ago. These days, its Parnell counterpart leaves menus in my mailbox to advertise its delivery service. One busy evening before Christmas, we wanted to have food delivered, and I remembered I’d noticed a vegan option last time I’d looked at Shahi’s menu.

I ordered Garden Korma, the “vegan special”. It’s not so unusual to find vegan food at Indian restaurants in Auckland – vegetarian options are always available, and most places are understanding about leaving out the dairy products. While Shahi’s menu has a vegetarian section, most of the choices are based on cream and can’t be cooked without. It’s really nice to have the vegan option clearly identified on the menu, but would be great to have a couple of mains to choose between.

Shahi’s delivery service was quick and convenient, and the Garden Korma was good, but nothing special. It was a tomato-based curry with “seasonal vegetables” – which translated to beans & peas & carrots, with a few pieces of cauliflower and mushroom thrown in. If I was feeling like something similar in future, I’d probably go to Satya for their tomato-based tofu curry.