News from the internet

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, things have been hectic lately in this household & I’ve been eating well, but haven’t had time to write about it. Meanwhile, lots of other local vegans have been posting good things online:

  • Cafe Vegan NZ is a new blog based in Wellington that is a resource for new vegans. The author says “My aim is to assemble lots of quick, easy recipes made out of easy to obtain ingredients. Please feel free to submit any suggestions. Ideas for vegan-friendly NZ eateries are also very welcome! I’d also like help putting together lists of vegan ready-made foods.”
  • Hazel goes veg! is the story of a local journalist who recently went vegan.
  • This month’s Good Magazine includes an article weighing up the environmental impact of cow vs soy milk, and concludes that soy milk is the better choice. One of Good’s writers, Sarah Jefferies, is blogging about her “detox diet” which avoids dairy, eggs, gluten and red meat. She uses the word vegan in the blog post I’ve linked, but I’m not sure if she means it in the literal sense. Semantics aside, her blog could be interesting to watch, especially for things like this avocado-based vegan chocolate mousse recipe.
  • Aforementioned chocolate mousse recipe came from Renata Holicova‘s Auckland-based raw food workshops which are vegan-except-honey and look worthwhile. Her website also has details of raw food catering and Waiheke weekend retreats.
  • NZ Open Rescue is now posting photos on Flickr, including some from their visit to a pig farm with Mike King.
  • Alice from Angel Food appeared on Supreme Master TV recently, demonstrating how to make vegan marshmallows.
  • Jonathan asks, “Is there anywhere else in Auckland that sells relatively fashionable non-leather shoes? (I’m thinking about the male dress shoe…)”. Any ideas, readers?