Vegan Thai delivery from Soul Thai

spring rolls

Earlier this MoFo, Lin sent me some vegan recommendations. One of these was Soul Thai in Grey Lynn, a relatively new takeaway and delivery place that mentions vegan options on its online menu.

Thai food can be a bit of an unknown for vegans – fish-based sauces and pastes are used extensively in traditional Thai food for flavouring, and some places are more understanding than others about leaving these out. It’s reassuring to see vegan food specifically mentioned on the menu.

We ordered delivery from Soul Thai a couple of weeks ago. They were helpful and informative on the phone, and prepared all our choices from the vegetarian menu as vegan. We ordered spring rolls (pictured above), tofu satay, pad thai and a sweet basil stirfry.

The food was really enjoyable: the spring rolls found an appropriate balance of crispiness and grease, and the mains were full of fresh vegetables and simple, clean flavours. I’m excited about adding Soul Thai to my list of vegan-friendly delivery options for central city dwellers, and trying out more of their vegan options.


(Edited in January 2014 to add: Soul Thai also has a second location, at 96 Mt Eden Road).