Brunch at The Botanist

bubble and squeak

With a name like The Botanist, and a Metro review describing its menu as “vege-focused”, this new City Works Depot eatery in town sounded like a promising place to find vegan brunch options.

The reality was a bit mixed. There’s nothing particularly vegan on the brunch menu, and staff seemed a bit confused about, or uninterested in, what they could make me (“Um, I guess you could have a salad? Without the bacon or eggs?”). On the other hand, the menu includes a lot of different vegetables, and there are a few interesting vegan options if you read between its animal-based lines.

I negotiated this: a plate of bubble & squeak, made of perfect fried baby potatoes, leeks, kale and some avocado reluctantly added to the side. The food was delicious, and it was a lovely environment to eat in: as well as serving brunch, The Botanist is a florist, so the room is filled with various interesting plant arrangements.

So I’d go again – even if only to work out whether the service is always so odd.