Brunch at Queenie’s

a main of sides

The ladyfriend visited Queenie’s Lunchroom in Freeman’s Bay soon after arriving in the country, and declared it a favourite place. I hadn’t ever been, mainly because its online menu didn’t suggest it would be very vegan-friendly, but had heard good things about the space and its coffee from a few people.

We wanted to go for a Sunday brunch, so I called and asked, and they said sure, they could do vegan stuff. Though there’s nothing suitable on their main menu, there is a long list of sides, a few of which are vegan or adjustable.

And so we went, and I ordered ciabatta toast with citrus-dressed avocado, vine roasted tomatoes and lemon mushrooms (normally cooked with butter, but they made them without for me). The food was really delicious, all simple and flavoursome and perfectly cooked. Though it wasn’t labelled vegan, staff were helpful and knowledgable about veganism and the options.

The coffee was, indeed, excellent, and the space itself was lovely. Light and airy, with a clever, uncluttered mixture of old and recent New Zealand design and royalty memorabilia.

Queenies is just up the road from New World College Hill and the Ecostore, so a perfect addition to a big grocery shopping trip. I’m looking forward to spending some more time there.