Miss Clawdy at North Wharf

rescued wood

I’ve had a couple of only-okay eating experiences at North Wharf in Wynyard Quarter (Urban Turban: super slow, confused about veganism then put yoghurt on things anyway & needed to make them again; Pescado: passable breakfast (I had the Grilled Halloumi dish without halloumi! – which ended up being ciabatta with tomato & cucumber salsa, roasted capsicum & avocado) once they’d made it a second time to match how I’d ordered it). I love Silo Park and the waterfront redevelopment, and I’ve been hoping that some good vegan-friendly food options would appear in the area.

Miss Clawdy, in the new ASB building at North Wharf, fills that gap for now. Its schtick is southern/creole: a “soul food haven made to feed hungry hearts.”

Reading other people’s opinions online, Miss Clawdy seems to attract the full spectrum of mixed reviews: people who’ve been multiple times and love everything about it, through to others complaining of slow service, bland food and lack of authenticity (a Southern diner without iced tea? a New Orleans influenced cocktail menu with no Sazerac?)

My experience was somewhere in the middle: I found the service casual and friendly, the surroundings comfortable and the food pretty good, with a decent number of things that could be ordered vegan. I’ve visited twice, and might not go out to my way to return, but would definitely eat here again when I’m in the area.


pumpkin taco
On both visits, I ordered pumpkin tacos with yellow lentils, zucchini and capsicum (ordered without goat dairy). The first time I tried these, I found them okay, but a bit bland in flavour and with an oddly undercooked tortilla. I ordered another on my second visit and it was well made and tasty – and improved with the addition of some guacamole from my other plate.


chargrilled baby kumara
The sides menu included this: chargrilled baby kumara with macadamia nut crumble, orange oil & parsley. The kumara was soft, melty and sweet, and the other flavours were subtle but nicely complementary. I liked it okay; one of my dining companions thought it was the best kumara she’d ever eaten.


guacamole & corn chips
I also had guacamole and tortilla chips on both visits. I liked this a lot – the guac was simple, fresh, and had just the right sharpness.


Others who’ve eaten here: what did you think? Have you found other good vegan options at North Wharf eateries?