An Auckland Vegan is a guide to the best vegan food and products in Auckland, New Zealand. I share the vegan options I find at Auckland’s cafés and restaurants, review products and sometimes post about relevant local events and news. These days, I mostly share through Instagram, but I might sometimes write on this site as well.

Other places to find vegan options in Auckland:

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  1. Hi Moira, Awesome blog, thanks for taking time to do this, great to see some other vegans using tech to get the message out there, I just happened across you looking for a vegan friendly cafe somewhere near Ellerslie for a team breakfast, sadly it looks like the Eyr Cafe that used to be Kokakos is the best option 😦 I just hate that they went and added meat to the menu, a sad day indeed.

  2. I have friends in your town and me being on WW(here in NH,US)this type of eating fits in with my plan nicely! Thanks!

  3. Hello, great blog ! Hoping you or your followers would have any recommendations for where I could get a vegan cake & sweet treats for my upcoming wedding on waiheke in Feb. Many thanks 🙂

    1. Thanks for the nice words, and I’m so sorry I missed your comment until now! You’re probably already sorted but a few places I might have suggested:

      * Little Bird (all raw, fancy-looking & amazing):
      * Cosset (vegan cakes and all kinds of sweet things to order):
      * The Raw Kitchen (all raw vegan cakes – I haven’t tried these):
      * The Caker (sometimes makes vegan cakes – I haven’t tried these):

  4. Hi Moira

    Thank you so much for this blog. I am new to veganism and this blog gives me confidence that there are places I can visit with friends for meals where neither of us will feel deprived.



    1. Thank you so much for the lovely feedback! There are definitely places you can go – more and more vegan options are appearing on menus these days. Let me know if you’re ever in need of suggestions!

  5. Does anyone know where
    To get vegan cheese and fake mince out west?
    I have challenged myself to go vegan for a month, but I’m
    Finding my cheese craving is close
    To knocking me off track lol

  6. Hi Moira,
    Thanks for running this awesome blog! I’m not from Auckland but looking to visit soon so it’s been a very handy resource for me.
    I was wondering if you know of any caterers who have a good range of vegan dishes? I’m hosting a function and would love to serve primarily vegan food.
    Thank you for your help

  7. Dear Moira!

    I’ve just found your blog – and I wish I would have found it earlier.
    I’m vegan and on a OE here in New Zealand and leaving soon, but the last days I will try to check out some of the locations you mentioned 🙂

    Thank you very very much for the cool blog and the heaps of information! 🙂

    Greets, Bianca

  8. I have just discovered your blog today, via searching for the Vegan Deli lady from whom I bought some delicious cheese at the weekend. I am amazed at all the vegan options in Auckland now! I will be a regular reader from now on.

  9. Hi Moira,
    Just a general comment to say great blog! Great effort in keeping it going; it really adds a lot for vegans in Auckland.
    Best wishes 🙂

  10. Hey Moira,My name is Rebecca and Ilve in the UK. I have recently studied marketing and one of our projects is to look at a product or service that we could expand out of the UK and place elsewhere in the world. I have heard rumours that NZ hasn’t really got a huge variety of Vegan nightclubs, Vegan smoothie bars and many tourists to NZ have suggested that they find it difficult to eat out entirely Vegan (not vegetarian but purely vegan) when in NZ. Is this right? If so, I am thinking of suggesting for a UK service purely Vegan to hit New Zealand by storm but I want to know if there is a high began demand for vegan only outlets? How many already exist and if the vegan only would be well recieved on your New Zealand shores? Any advice would be much appreicated 🙂 I DO LOVE YOUR BLOG BTW

  11. Hi Moira,
    I’m from the Loft yoga lounge in Auckland. We do wonderful vegan and vegetarian meals. Maybe you’ve heard about us? Would be awesome if you could come along for a meal sometime and write a review of what you think? if your keen write to me personally and we can discuss options!

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