Lunch from The Lucky Taco

two vegan tacos

Otis tells me the story of how the other day, he was forewarned that he might need to make extra veggie tacos, then a few hours later The Lucky Taco was descended on by, like, fifteen vegans! A wave of them.

That’s kind of how we roll, I explain. A new vegan option in town? Sign us all up at once.

So here is the new vegan option in town, if you didn’t already know: veggie tacos, ordered vegan-style, from The Lucky Taco truck, wherever it happens to be. On the weekend, that’s often the carpark outside Flying Fish at 230 Ponsonby Road, but you can check the schedule on their website to be sure, or follow them on Twitter or Facebook for updates and specials.

Tacos de Calabacita, the truck’s regular vegetarian offering, contain a delicious, spicy mixture of vegetables: zucchini, tomato, chilli, garlic and onion, topped with red cabbage, coriander, pico de gallo, lime and toasted pumpkin seeds, inside a soft corn or flour tortilla. If they’re not already spicy enough for you, there’s a respectable selection of hot sauces provided for extra seasoning, shelved in order from ouch-my-taste-buds scorching through to just mildly warm.

Some Sundays (check the schedule), The Lucky Taco serves brunch tacos instead, based on portobello mushrooms marinated in mojo de ajo. I haven’t tried these yet, but am willing to bet they’re amazing.

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