Phở from Bolaven

vegan phở

Mount Eden’s Bolaven didn’t take reservations when it opened, but its subsequent popularity with everyone means that dinner bookings are now essential.

And you want to go for dinner because: vegan phở. Bolaven’s menu is inspired by Laotian cuisine, and flavors are fresh, dominant and exciting. Their phở is a warming anise-based broth swirled with noodles, tofu, greens and mushrooms. It’s served with a little collection of condiments that allow you to customise the soup to your taste: lime, chilli, salt-pickled vegetables, peanuts, dried onion.

Some of the vegetable side dishes are vegan, too: we tried steamed beans with coriander, ginger and sesame seeds, and grilled eggplant with lemongrass, ginger, cherry tomatoes and peanuts. Both were pretty special.


green beans
Bolaven is at 597 Mt Eden Rd – a bit further away from the city than Mount Eden Village. It’s open 8am-4pm every day for breakfast & lunch (the daytime menu is quite egg-centric, but phở is available any time). Dinner is available on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 5.30-11pm.

2 thoughts on “Phở from Bolaven

  1. Noms. Should also note that the service is esp good, and they are very good about finding out what is and isn’t vegan. No blank stares. Can’t wait to be here again.

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