A grocery store you should know about: Bulk Food Savings

bulk food savings

Vegans of Auckland, have you been to Bulk Food Savings in Mount Eden? You might not guess from its unassuming name, but it’s a vegan gold mine: one of the best places in town to find uncommon ingredients at reasonable prices.

Located at the city end of Dominion Road, Bulk Food Savings is not easily categorised – it’s a curious cross between a hippie health food store, a bargain bulk-foods place, a flash organic grocery and a little ethnic food market. Not everything’s organic, gluten free, fair trade or health-conscious, but all of these preferences & needs are well catered for.


shelves full of food

Vegans, too, are well accommodated: Bulk Food Savings stocks all kinds of animal-free supplies to fill your pantry.

Almost any basic ingredient can be found somewhere on its shelves, among an impressive range of beans, pulses, grains, flours, herbs & spices, dried fruit, nuts, liquid and dry sweeteners, oils, nutritional yeast, pickles, sauces, baking ingredients and specialty ingredients from a few different food traditions: Indian, Mexican, Japanese, Turkish, Italian and others.

There’s more than you might expect: the nut butter selection includes jars of German cashew cream, the shelf of non-dairy milks includes chocolate hazelnut milk alongside the usual soy and almond options. A fridge near the entrance is full of coconut yoghurt, kombucha, unusual juices.

Specifically vegan treats include Ceres snack bars (& this roasted nori snack I’ve been addicted to lately), Amazeballs (not all flavours are vegan – read the ingredients), Spacebar snack sausages, Angel Food products, and a small selection of chocolate including Rapunzel (not all vegan, but their Nirwana Noir is a long-standing favourite of mine).

Bulk Food Savings is also a great place to stock up on natural cleaning products: Wendyl’s, Dr Bronner’s, Ecover, various coconut oil-based beauty products.


bulk dried beans

Bulk Food Savings is at 217 Dominion Road – behind the main Dominion Road shops. The easiest way to find it is off Walters Road – it shares a carpark with the Wendy’s drive-through. There’s also a walkway by the bus stop opposite Vinyl.

It’s open every day: Monday-Saturday 9am-6pm, and Sundays 10am-4pm.

Read more reviews: Nom Nom Panda, Yelp.

10 thoughts on “A grocery store you should know about: Bulk Food Savings

  1. I found your blog this morning and spent an hour reading it – it’s great! I decided to go to Bulk Foods and have a look since you said it was good and $86 later we drove home eating Chilli Seeweed, dried Stem Ginger, Tabasco Chocolate and looking forward to cooking all the yummy things we bought! Thank you! I will be following all your recommendations from here on in – no pressure! 🙂

  2. Such a shame that everything is in plastic(!) Do you know of anywhere else that sells bulk, but where you can take along your own reusable containers so you’re not adding to plastic use?

    1. Tracy I just stumbled upon your comment on this post and I was wondering if you have yet to find any such place other than ‘Bin Ins’ ? I commented below but I have just started a mission to change my lifestyle to a more healthier, sustainable and organic one with near to zero waste. Any advice you could give me on non plastic places to shop would be amazing 🙂

    2. Tracy I totally agree with you, I was highly disappointed when I went to this place as everything was prebagged in plastic! They had a select amount of loose bulk bins there and I used my own mesh bags for this. Check out the Bulk app by Zero Waste Home, i’ve been trying to keep it updated as I find more package free & container accepting bulk stores in Auckland 🙂 http://zerowastehome.com/app/

    3. Hi Tracy, Amanda, allingoodcompany, in Huckleberry Farm they use paper bags and you serve what you need. I got the feeling it’s a bit more expensive that Bulk Food Savings.
      However, you could recycle those plastic bags by putting them in these bins
      http://www.recycling.kiwi.nz/soft-plastics which I found I Pack N Save, Warehouse and I know they are in many places. I just collect as much plastic I have and when I go to Pack N Save throw everything there. Those plastics get reused and turned into objects.

  3. I am new in Auckland and NZ. In the pictures, i see pre-made packages. To me it is not a true bulk store if you can not make your own packages…its like someone dictating “you must buy this amount” whether you need it or not. Are there bins to select the amount desired for nuts, seeds, etc? If not, I won’t go.

  4. Hello ! I have just started a mission to change my lifestyle to a more healthier, sustainable and organic one with near to zero waste. I have been researching a few new places to shop as oppose to the typical supermarkets, so I found this post helpful, thankyou!

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