Little Bird needs a little help to open at Britomart


Little Bird is one of the most exciting things that’s happened to vegan eating in Auckland over the last few years, and they have just announced a new exciting project: their third Unbakery, at Britomart.

The new spot, on Customs Street East, is being developed into a takeaway-only Unbakery, serving a full range of meals and desserts. The lease on the space near Britomart train station has been signed, and plans are underway to make this happen. However, the lending company that has supported Little Bird to grow its business has gone into voluntary receivership.

This means that Little Bird needs your help. They’ve launched a PledgeMe fundraising campaign to raise $30,000 over the next fortnight. If everyone chips in a little bit, then downtown Auckland will have more amazing vegan options.

Depending on how much you pledge, rewards include Little Bird lunches, cold pressed juices, cookbooks or tickets to two special degustation dinner events at the Summer Street Unbakery.

You can check out more detail about the project, and add your pledge, on PledgeMe.

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